Do you need a website for your Instagram business?

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The short answer is YES!

If you have a business, whether a physical store or online, you need to have some platform where people can learn about your products or services. 

In recent years, social media has become essential for small businesses to get found and promote their brand. Social media networks are constantly adding new tools for marketing and selling directly on their platform.

However, it is still vital for small businesses to have their own website.

Google and search engines can index your website

Social media accounts and pages are usually behind a login – a visitor needs a profile to see your company page, which is also not indexed by search engines.

To thrive online, your business needs to be indexed by Google and other search engines, and with a website and SEO optimization of your content, this is more likely to happen, and you will bring more sales and clients to your business.

You own your website and can make it look like you want

As much as you can personalize your social media profile, in the end, there is limited customization. With a website, you control how your content is displayed and served to your audience without battling with other businesses for attention.

Social media is constantly changing; sometimes, a platform can do modifications that affect you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You are in control of a website and can potentially avoid any commissions and fees you may have to pay when using services provided by other platforms.

You can have the features you need

Your business may require features not provided by social media platforms, such as appointment bookings, taking reservations, selling tickets, etc. – that you can achieve by working with a web designer to add to your website.

Your business will always have a home online

Social media platforms come and go, lose and gain popularity – with a website for your small business, you will always have a place for your visitors and potential clients to go to and promote your services and products.

It looks professional and adds credibility

Having your own domain – that you will also use for your professional emails instead of a free service such as Gmail – bring trust and credibility to your brand.

You can have a professionally designed website for cheap

We created our pay monthly websites plans to help you launch your small business online without breaking the bank. We offer cheap web design via low monthly payments and ongoing website maintenance and support.

Get a website to complement your social media

Let’s discuss how we can help you improve your online presence with a website.